Build an open source chat service…


Do you think that it’s possible to build a web service to chat compatible with email , xmpp and matrix ? (and why not even with activityPub or rocketChat ?? )

Where I can just send a message to user@server and build some groups discussions and forget about the technology behind.

Exemple, creation of a group called ‘New project propositions’ with :

  • my matrix account: @lascapi:mat.rix
  • a college with RocketChat:
  • a client with an xmmp account:
  • and my old boss with an great old email:

That’s a general question for IT guys, and software architect.

The meaning is to NOT build another protocol to rule them all !!! but just a service who use the great open source protocol that already exist.


As user I don’t care to have another application to chat via Whatsapp, Telegram or Signal.
That’s why I’m not going to use Beeper or Texts event if they are open source.
I just want to be able to contact my friends and work with some guys even if they don’t use the same open protocol.

I don’t want a new tool that use a closed API.

I see to much effort to try to be compatible between matrix and whatsapp for exemple, and so few on building a nice open communication tool.

That just my frustration of the moment.
Thank you if you answered me ^^


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  1. Hi! Here is my project to start something : ( in french ).

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